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Welcome readers, my name is Al, and this is my blog about my journey in health optimization. I will be writing about diet, anti-aging, supplements and optimizing your health as you age.


A bit about me, now 42 years old my journey to where I’m at now was filled with lots of alcohol, drugs and stupid decisions throughout my years. For many years I loved craft beer, I loved it so much I began brewing beer commercially. A couple years in I was attending festivals, increasing tap accounts and even had my beer make a magazine publication. As I was getting better at the craft, my health was also starting to go downhill. I was definitely on the road to diabetes! Drinking every day, and eating everything I could was catching me fast. I was fat, and what was really starting to scare the shit out of me was I had this large piece of fat in the shape of a pork sausage growing under my breast. So not only was I growing a massive set of man boobs from poor health choices, I also had a large fat sausage under my breast right over my heart. So thinking the worst I took to Google trying to figure out what this was, anybody that has searched the internet trying to be your own doctor knows, YOU’RE DYING TOMORROW according to some of the information you read. But I was relentless in my searching, I read medical journals and every article I could till I found something that made sense. I then come across something that said when you get visceral fat growing close to an organ, it could be an early sign of alcoholic fatty liver disease. Whether it was or not I do not know, what I knew was I had to do something different in life. That was my awakening, I knew if I was going to have any quality of life as I aged, I had to change. I wished I hadn’t waited till I was entering my 40’s to make the change, but we all know the saying about hindsight.


So here I was, overweight coming in at 253lbs and just shy of 6’3” tall when I should’ve been at 190lbs to be healthy. I thought that quitting alcohol and a vegan diet was gonna be the answer to all my weight problems. I was eating nothing but salads and juicing vegetable 3-4 times a day. I was starting to feel better and had lost some weight, but I was at a plateau from the vegan diet. Although feeling good, I couldn’t seem to drop any more weight. Then a friend of mine mentioned the keto diet to me, when he explained eat lots of fat with moderate protein and keeping your carbs low, I thought WTF, that will kill me! I’ll be in the hospital from heart attack, and on my way to stints or open heart surgery! So I ignorantly paid very little attention to his advice, and kept on juicing vegetables. Still at a plateau and frustrated a month later with next to no results; I started researching the keto diet, and the metabolic health benefits. Boom, I was sold on the idea, and had to at least try it. So now equipped with new knowledge, and a 6-month gym membership I was about to get serious and do the work! I finally woke up; my life was my fault!


Here are a couple photos of me, left was about a month into my gym membership, I took a photo, grew a beard and was keep myself accountable and have a photo to compare against as went. I was bout 238lbs in this photo, everything on my body was fat and had very little muscle to speak of.


Photo on the right was me at about 10 months later, I was a skinny 175lbs at my very lowest and feeling pretty good about reaching a goal that I never dreamed possible just one year prior.

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